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October 14, 2013
Gansevoort, NY

Extremely good dealership, great price on the car. Michael was very helpfully, and reached out to the rest of the staff if there was something that he was not able to answer to ensure that I got all the answers that I wanted. He also ensured that I was checked in on several times following the purchase of the vehicle to verify that I was satisfied and to check if there where any questions that I may have. Several other members of the staff also checked with me while I was there to ensure that I was getting all the information and help out if needed. Very happy with the service and glad I pick this dealer.

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October 10, 2013
Newton, NJ

Jeff made my car buying experience a very enjoyable and personal event at Newton VW. He is very product knowledgeable which helped tremendously in my decision making process. He is a very good listener and so often that is the most difficult part of human interaction during a sale. He is a true professional with a friendly handshake. He never once made me feel stressed or rushed. Buying a vehicle is a very big deal as the vehicle choice becomes a reflection of the owner. Jeff made sure my purchase was a good fit before I signed on the dotted line. Patience is a gift, and he has it. He was focused more on my needs from a new car from the moment I walked into the dealership to when I drove out in my new VW. To him, its not just about selling a brand, it's about selling himself in support of a brand. That has incredible value to me. That's why I bought my new car from Newton VW. Newton VW should be very proud to have Jeff on the team.

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October 09, 2013
Newton, NJ

Upon entering the parking lot at the dealership, we were greeted immediately by David Zmuda and he showed us around explaining about all the vehicles we were interested in driving.
I work for Dr. Harold Perlmutter who had just purchased a new Audi and he recommended your dealership for the great service he always gets. We were so pleasantly surprised on how courteous and knowledgable David was. The Passats he showed us were such a pleasure to drive ,but we were still looking. So after a few phone calls with David and another visit to the dealership, he seemed to know exactly what we really wanted. So he went to work by making a few calls and found just the right car for us. Now we are the proud owners of a beautiful silver Passat. Thanks to David and his manager Lenin Larancuent, they made this a pleasurable experience ( and a great Birthday present for both of us) Barbara and Tom Sanders

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October 08, 2013
Andover, NJ

Definatley the most entertaining sales professional I have ever dealt with. Jeff is constantly out doing himself to make his customers happy. Newton Audi has surpassed every expectation! Everything from a warm welcome to the actual sale of the car, it was very easy and calm. They are even picking up my Audi from New York for service in New jersey, who does that?
A sincere thank you to Jeff and the rest of the Newton VW/Audi team, you have made another life time customer

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October 07, 2013
Millington, NJ

Jeff Bassett is a wonderful person. He saw me negotiating for a car with new young salesman and he stepped in to help me. He went to bat for me with the management and acted as my advocate. He saw I was not an assertive person and that I didn't know how to negotiate for myself. He got me the best deal possible.
Things weren't going well with the new salesman and Jeff saw that would have walked out of the agency if he hadn't rescued me.
I will recommend him to anyone I know looking for a car.
He makes a personal connection with his clients. I feel that I have made a friend.

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October 06, 2013
Union Dale, PA

Jeff is one of the few salesman that exceeded my expectations. I actually ordered a car from him, which meant that we worked together for about 6 weeks. During this time Jeff kept me up to date on the status of the car, when it was built, shipped and of course delivered. He spent over an hour with me reviewing all of the features of my Q5-TDI ensuring that I really did understand the car before I left the dealership. I would recommend him to you.

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October 01, 2013
Hamburg, NJ

Yesterday I Purchased a VW Beetle convertible at the Newton VW dealership and am delighted with it. The Sales Associate, Xhelil Vukel, was extremely helpful in making the deal. Without his persistence and perseverance no deal would have been made. For that I thank him. The dealership seems to be very well run. As an 84 yr old retired CPA who was in public accounting for over 50 years and after analyzing hundreds of businesses I recognize and appreciate quality like VW of Newton.
Don Trien

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October 01, 2013
Columbia, NJ

I gave all 5s because the experience I had at the dealership was that good. They answered all of my questions and showed me all the different models. I have no complaints and would go there again if I needed to purchase another car.

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October 01, 2013
Newton, NJ

This dealership was very attentive to the purchaser.
I felt my salesman David Zmuda , did a great job in helping find a vehicle I liked. He also made the experience very easy, I had no problem getting the car I wanted. Also the whole process of trading my vehicle and securing financing, was very easy.
I would definitely recommend this dealer, and salesman to anyone looking to buy a car.

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September 15, 2013
Port Jervis, NY

I went to this dealer with my family searching for a Volkswagen Beetle. We found one online at this dealership and took a ride out to see it but when we arrived, Steve came out to tell us this car had sold only hours earlier. I had fallen in love with this Beetle and I was very upset that it had sold so Steve looked it up and it turned out that the car was still available because a down payment was never set. Steve gave us the keys for a drive and we loved it. Afterwards, we sat down with Steve and set a price without any issues. He gave us the carfax and made the entire experience simple. After all the papers were signed and payment paid, he shook my hand, handed me the keys and congratulated me on my first car. I was ecstatic to drive my car home and I'm glad Steve double checked on the "sold" situation.

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